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Receive the expert, individualized tutoring that I have given to every one of my in-person clients – online – from the convenience of your own home!


  • Study with One of the Best Tutors (without being limited by distance!)
  • Lesson Plans Customized to Student’s Goals & Needs
  • Structured, Efficient Use of Tutoring Time
  • Zero Travel Time
  • No Need to Clean Your Home or Get Out of Your Pajamas
  • Additional HW as Requested

Virtual lessons from the convenience of your own home.


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Online Lesson Reviews

  • Nataliya tutors me for the SAT, and so far it has been about 3 months. The lessons definitely improved my performance and are continuing to improve it. The first SAT I took, went very well because Nataliya had given me so much to think about and simple little tips to get through the test. The virtual format was very easy to use. The virtual tutoring felt exactly the same as it did when I tutored with her in person. I think the virtual tutoring is very nice for early lessons, especially for teens because you can tutor in your pajamas. The ipad stand also makes it very easy to show Nataliya your work and vice versa. On the other hand, it is very easy to say you did your homework and not have actually have done it because in some cases you don’t need to show it to Nataliya. It is also nice to easily be able to change the time of the lesson if necessary because it is just video chatting instead of having her come over to tutor. The lessons improved my confidence by a lot. I have always been a bad test taker, and I still am, but these lessons have definitely helped me get better. Nataliya nicely maps out what to expect on test day which makes it much easier going into the test. The lessons improved my work ethic and responsibility. Some people do take it upon themselves to tutor themselves, but with a tutor, like Nataliya, and knowing that you have to show her your work every week, pushes you to get your work done. At first, I left SAT homework for very last minute but recently the worksheets she has given me, I just bring to school and do whenever I have free time which is very convenient. Nataliya does a very good job of paying specific attention to each of her students. Each of her lessons and all of the homework assigned is very individualized depending on the strengths and weaknesses of the student. She also does a nice job of checking in with you once in a while concerning anything else that’s going on in your life. She is so easy to reach by text and email which makes everything very easy.

    Pearl C.
  • nataliya has been helping me prepare for the ACT since the begining of the school year and i've definitely improved. for example before i wouldn't be to good and confident in my math skills. she gave me easy ways to breakdown and look at the problem so i didn't get overwhelmed and i could see the problem clearer. the virtual format honestly was no different from sessions in person, it was sometimes easier because i could do my session whereever i was at the time and didn't have to rush to a meeting place. i have improved greatly and i am not so nervous to be taking the ACT thanks to nataliya.

    Kamila G.
  • Nataliya as a tutor is a great example that can push you for a better path in a educational solution to succeed for your goals. Also she the tutor the effort to improve any issue you may have trouble with and the tutor will work thru it . For my experience theres no better decision being tutored for a great development for myself . For taking tutoring little over a month my performance improved especially algebra like "integer" or "Linear equation " understanding poems structure. Being tutored from Nataliya help me understand the foundation I needed to overcome my weaknesses and breaking down in an better method to myself . About the format was pretty easy to be used also for me..."Thats a good thing"we all need that with good arranged to make it easy for the person to make it comfortable to learn . Furthermore , the day I took the test I felt very confident not worry at all I have to say it was a good feeling 🙂

    Angel O. TASC student


Magic Genie Service

Have some questions?  But have a hard time fitting lessons into your schedule? Send your questions to Nataliya, and she will send you a video reply explanation.  

$7 per question

(Total will not be displayed on the checkout page, but it is simply $7 x # of questions)

Video explanation will be emailed within 3 days.

*Have an assignment due ASAP?*   Rush service may be available for a response within as little as 1 hr.  Additional fee may apply.  Call 347-450-0657

How many questions would you like to ask?

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Recorded Question-and-Answer Sessions

Some students these days have very busy schedules.  They may not be able to commit to meeting the same time every week with the tutor.  For these students, I offer the recorded Q&A service.

Students record their questions into a 30-minute video, and I reply with an explanation video within 4 days.  Rush service may be available for a response within as little as 1 hour.

IMG_0662Equipment needed:

A fast, reliable internet connection

A device with a front-facing and back-facing camera

  • this allows for us to communicate through two modes
    • face-to-face talking 
    • showing a document (e.g. a problem in a book)


$75 / 30-minute video

Send in to nataliyatutors@gmail.com the problems / questions you would like to have explained to you, and Nataliya will make a video explaining how to solve each problem.

  • Feel free to include the work you’ve in your attempts to solve the problem, and Nataliya will give you feedback on where you went awry.
  • You can make a video, if you like, to help explain your thought process.  If you use an iPad, take advantage of the front & back cameras.

Price:  $7/ question.

Turn-around:  3 days.  Rush service may be available for a response within as little as 1 hr.  Additional fee applies.

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