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  • Nataliya was very professional at all times. She pinpointed where David could do better and worked on a strategy to get a good grade on his SHSAT.

    Mike S.
  • It was a pleasure working with Nataliya. Her lesson helped to improve my child's performance and confidence in math. Natalya is the extremely professional tutor.

    Luda Y.
  • Nataliya is a wonderful math tutor. My daughter is a freshman in high school and Nataliya started tutoring her a month before the alegbra math regents, the sessions made such a difference. She went from a student who was always guessing how to do a problem to a confident math student who did well on her regents. Her confidence soared. The lessons were a good value and Nataliya was very professional! We will definitely be using Nataliya for tutoring in the future.

    Joann D.
  • My daughter went from failing 4th grade to passing to 5th grade. And from barely passing the state test in 3rd grade (& not passing into 4th grade) to easily passing in 4th. She did all this within a 2 and a half month period. Nataliya is easy to work with. Extremely knowledgeable. And Great with my Kid. We couldn't have done it without her. We recommend her for any endeavor. Thanks Nat!

    Victor F.
  • The lessons with Nataliya improved my daughter’s performance immensely. Before starting her lessons, she felt lost. After about 3 lessons, she was back on track and excelling. Nataliya kept her fee reasonable and the benefit of the lessons far exceeded the cost. Great Value!!!

    Stephen L. President
  • Nataliya has been a top-notch tutor for my 17-year-old daughter. She is smart, patient, and caring with her students. She is not one of those tutors who does the work for the student, but instead gently guides the student to understanding. I would highly recommend her to anyone who has a high school student looking for help.

    Mark F.
  • Nataliya has helped to maintain motivation and thoroughly explain concepts to me when covering the ACT. I have begun, and continue to learn that the SAT and ACT tests are tests of a student's test taking ability and patience in taking practice tests rather than their intelligence. Nataliya has helped me become a better test taker with tricks and rules to better understand the tests' formats. Nataliya's strong point includes helping to explain the english language and grammar, considering she also doubles as a language and pronunciation coach!

    Jessica M.
  • Nataliya prepared my daughter for the SHSAT. She was always prompt, focused, friendly and encouraging. Our daughter felt ready on test day.

    Kathie H.
  • nataliya has been helping me prepare for the ACT since the begining of the school year and i've definitely improved. for example before i wouldn't be to good and confident in my math skills. she gave me easy ways to breakdown and look at the problem so i didn't get overwhelmed and i could see the problem clearer. the virtual format honestly was no different from sessions in person, it was sometimes easier because i could do my session whereever i was at the time and didn't have to rush to a meeting place. i have improved greatly and i am not so nervous to be taking the ACT thanks to nataliya.

    Kamila G.
  • Nataliya as a tutor is a great example that can push you for a better path in a educational solution to succeed for your goals. Also she the tutor the effort to improve any issue you may have trouble with and the tutor will work thru it . For my experience theres no better decision being tutored for a great development for myself . For taking tutoring little over a month my performance improved especially algebra like "integer" or "Linear equation " understanding poems structure. Being tutored from Nataliya help me understand the foundation I needed to overcome my weaknesses and breaking down in an better method to myself . About the format was pretty easy to be used also for me..."Thats a good thing"we all need that with good arranged to make it easy for the person to make it comfortable to learn . Furthermore , the day I took the test I felt very confident not worry at all I have to say it was a good feeling 🙂

    Angel O. TASC student

Case Studies


Megan, Senior, LaGuardia High School

“Nataliya has been great to work with. She is the best tutor we’ve had: she is prompt, accessible and very responsive. My daughter was struggling in Algebra2/Trig (she passed the Algebra 1 Regents but never took the full course). Nataliya helped her regain confidence and master the materials…she progressed from getting in the 50’s on her tests at the beginning of the year to a 97 on the Final Exam! We are now working on SAT/ACT prep. Nataliya has also been a great role model for my daughter, encouraging her to strive to do her best and reach for the stars. I’ve recommended her to friends who are as happy as we are!” — Patty, Megan’s mom


Algebra II / Trigonometry: Before working with Nataliya: 57%
Algebra II / Trigonometry: After working with Nataliya: 97%

Anna, Senior, Brooklyn Technical High School

“I have learned a lot from Nataliya. She makes teaching fun and easy. Her teaching methods are very clear and easy to follow. She learns about her students and finds the best way to help them. When she teaches, she lets you do the work and if you have any questions, she will answer them fully. Unlike some tutors who throw work at you and get angry, Nataliya is a very upbeat and encouraging person. She actually cares about how her students are doing in the topic she teaches as well as other things. Because of this, I’m inspired to do the work she gives me instead of putting it off. She’s always on top of things and a very reliable person. Also, I got a 94 on my regents; without her help, I wouldn’t have done nearly as well. ” — Anna L., Brooklyn Technical H.S.


Geometry: Before working with Nataliya: 82%
Geometry: After working with Nataliya: 96%
Algebra II / Trigonometry: Before working with Nataliya: 82%
Algebra II / Trigonometry: After working with Nataliya: 96%

What's it like to work with Nataliya?


Theo, Senior, Bard High School

“Nataliya was a fantastic tutor for our son. She helped him with strategy and focus, which truly instilled sense of confidence in him. This carried over to his performance, as we saw a 100+ point increase from his strong practice scores to his scores for the real thing. Nataliya is extremely pleasant and positive. A our son really enjoyed and appreciated working with her. Highly recommended.” — Seth K., Theo’s dad


SAT Math: Before working with Nataliya: 560pts
SAT Math: After working with Nataliya: 660pts
SAT Writing: Before working with Nataliya: 670pts
SAT Writing: After working with Nataliya: 760pts

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